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Retirement Plan Consulting and Advisory Services

The Retirement Plan Team provides support and services to completely manage the retirement plan of your organization.  As Retirement Plan Consultants and/or as Retirement Plan Advisors, we offer a full array of services designed to assist with and enhance participant outcomes and fiduciary oversight of any employer sponsored retirement plan.

Our team will assist business owners and plan sponsors with management of all types of vendor relationships.  We also aid plan sponsors by supplying them with materials to communicate, educate and promote effective usage of the retirement plan to their employees.

We customize our solutions for each plan, recognizing that each organization we work with has unique qualities and needs. The process begins with clearly articulated goals and objectives, an appropriately designed and properly diversified fund menu, a method to evaluate investment selection and performance and appropriate fee structures, as well as assist with recognizing the employers’ Fiduciary Responsibilities.  

Our core consulting and advisory services are divided into two main areas:

Retirement Plan Investment Consulting and Advisory Services

  • Investment Policy Statement development and review
  • Investment manager search and due diligence
  • Quarterly investment performance monitoring and evaluation
  • Plan asset allocation* and fund menu design consulting
  • Plan asset/liability studies and consulting
  • QDIA selection, review and monitoring
  • Employee communication and education assistance
  • Plan vendor evaluation and search

Retirement Plan Operation and Compliance Consulting Services

  • Fiduciary training and consulting
  • Peer and industry plan benchmarking and cost analysis
  • Plan design and operation evaluation
  • Regulatory compliance and correction programs
  • Merger and acquisition consulting

Retirement Plan Types that we support

  • 401(k)
    • Safe Harbor
    • Profit Sharing
    • Age-based contribution and cross-tested plans
  • 403(b)
    • K-12 School Districts
    • Higher Education / College / University
    • Health Care
    • Non-profit employers
    • Governmental employers
    • Churches
  • 457(b)
    • Non-profit employers
    • Governmental employers
    • Defined Benefit Plans
    • Pension Plans
  • Other
    • Simple IRA Plans
    • Solo 401(k) Plans
    • 412(i) Defined Benefit Plans
    • Non-Qualified Plans
    • 409(a) Plans
    • 457(f) Plans for non-profit and governmental employers