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Employees or Participants in Retirement Plans

At the Retirement Plan Team, we believe that employees and participants in an employer sponsored retirement plan, can achieve success and retire confidently. The three areas of support we focus on to provide support for employees and participants include:

1. Discover where financial concerns lie

One of the main concerns employees have is planning for retirement. Many workers report that preparing for retirement causes them to feel mentally or emotionally stressed. Employers working with our Retirement Plan Team, have a tremendous opportunity to help employees navigate financial challenges by offering a holistic wellness program that includes financial education programming, resources and support.

2. Investment Assistance

When it comes employees and participants selecting investments in a self-directed retirement plan, many individuals become unsure and confused. Providing 3(21) or 3(38) outsourced Fiduciary Services at the plan level, allow a simpler approach for employees to be more confident and understand their available investment selections. At the Retirement Plan Team, we can design strategies to provide employees and participants with investment selection services.

3. Provide year-round communication and Education

As with any benefit, communication is crucial. If the employer is going to take the steps to offer financial wellness programming and tools, it’s critical that frequent and clear communication is at the center of the offering. Offering easily accessible educational services, including one-on-one meetings and monthly newsletters can help employees understand their options and how they work.